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Quality Policy

IHSAN STRATEGIK SDN BHD (ISSB) considers the quality of workmanship of its employees as vital to the continued wellbeing of its business. ISSB conduct and maintain operation in producing quality workmanship through proper planning and organization of manpower to achieve quality objectives.The achievement of the aims of this policy will require continual improvement and sustained efforts by everybody concerned. All employees have personal responsibilities to maintain quality workmanship to themselves and to anyone else that may be affected by their concern. IHSAN STRATEGIK SDN BHD (ISSB) is fully committed to customers’ satisfaction, ensuring regulatory compliance and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.This policy shall be achieved through the following strategies:

  • Devoting a continuous effort to product satisfaction through training.
  • Providing competent and effective quality controller and supervision.
  • Assigning clear to all employees (regardless of level) quality awareness as a fundamental part of their duties.
  • Comply with the applicable statutory regulations, company procedures and standard and client requirements.
  • Provide framework for setting, reviewing and monitoring of quality target and objectives.
  • Communicate this policy to employees, contractors and make available to interested parties if so requested.
  • The success of this policy depends on the participation and cooperation of ISSB employees and all personnel involved